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Winter 2022 see's the arrival of 'Find You Love', a huge sounding album jam packed with heartfelt lows, soaring highs, soothing harmonies and an ever present energy.

Tales of lockdown crisis and a world war 2 rescue are two of the themes that accompany love, loss and life set to the blend of Gospel tinged Americana/Alternative folk rock that has become the signature sound of the band.

Joined by the energetic powerhouse drums of Chris Carter, lead guitar duties are taken by regular Cherished Times bass player and coproducer Ronnie Holland with Kev Scott performing vocals, guitars, bass, piano, organ, percussion and banjo.

They are joined by regular collaborator Jo Byrne (backing vocals & organ), Katy Connelly, Emma Perry and Kate Ferris on backing vocals, Lancashire based Blues harp maestro Stephen Walmsley aswell as a cameo appearance from former Cherished Times drummer Steve Pellatt on percussion.

The Cherished Times 2023

Originally formed as a nod of acknowledgment to the various musicians that worked with Lancashire based singer-songwriter Kev Scott on his 5 self produced albums, 2022 saw ‘The Cherished Times’ become an entity of its own and work began on a live set of songs that feature heavy on tracks from the latest album ‘Find You Love’ aswell as new versions of older tracks.
The band is formed of the ever present on Kev’s albums Jo Byrne along with two of her Blue Pig Orchestra / Phantom Voices bandmates Jim Shea and Mark Mitchell. The line up became complete  Keith Bleakley joining on lead guitar early in 2023.